For those who stay at Kristianopel Resort

Kristianopel Resort is a member of SCR, Sweden’s Camping Oranisation. This gives us as a camping company the opportunity to influence important issues such as countering an increase in VAT on camping accommodation, camping standards, guest safety, etc.
From a fire point of view, all our guests must keep the distances between the carriages and, as far as possible, place the drafts outwards. This has been a requirement from the Swedish Fire Protection Authority since 2012. See the map on how the cart should be placed on the check-in folder and read more in the Fire-safe camping brochure available at the reception.
If you need care, contact the reception. Always contact the emergency center 112 if you need emergency care.
Generally valid booking, check-in/check-out
After booking, you will receive an invoice with information about your booked plot/cabin and payment date. If the payment does not reach us on the specified date, your booking will be cancelled. No confirmation that we have received payment is sent.
A booking fee of SEK 80 is added
Cancellation protection costs SEK 250 and applies in case of illness until the day of arrival. Refunds are made on presentation of a medical certificate with a deduction of SEK 500 (SEK 250 cancellation protection and SEK 250 administrative cost). If you do not have cancellation protection, no refund applies.
Changes that lead to a new invoice are charged with SEK 250
We have an age limit of 20 years for camping and living in a cabin

Most of the cabin bookings are for weekly rental Saturday – Saturday/Sunday – Sunday, but depending on availability, it’s also possible to rent per night. We have different types of cabins. Decide how big you want, how many beds you need and what standard you want.
All of our cabins have pillows and duvets. In our larger 4-bed cabins you will also find full kitchen equipment incl. coffee maker as well as refrigerator and hotplates. The cottages are equipped so that you only need to bring sheets and towels.
There is a designated barbecue area. It is only permitted to barbecue on grills, not on the ground or disposable grills directly on the ground. Ashes from grills are emptied into grill charcoal containers outside the service building.
Arrival takes place from 3 PM and departure 11 AM (10 AM in the case of payed cleaning)
Smoking is prohibited in all cabins.
Dogs are allowed in all cabins except special allergy cabins.
Cleaning is done by the guest. For non-performed cleaning, 600:- is charged

Dog-owning guests
We greet you and your dog with a warm welcome to Kristianopel Resort.
To make it easier to get along with our non-dog-owning guests, there are a few things we ask you to consider:
Always keep the dog on a leash.
Should there be an “accident” in the camping area after all, we assume that everyone picks up after their dog. The bags can be purchased at the store or in case of an emergency, in the reception. The dog bags are thrown in the green bins
Dogs are not allowed to stay in the campsite’s service building (with the exception of the disabled area).
The dog is only allowed to bathe at the far end on the western shore.
Remember not to leave the dog in a hot car or caravan. They don’t sweat like we do and get warm quickly.
Don’t let the dog bark, it just gives us dog owners a bad reputation unnecessarily.
If you rent accommodation from us, we ask you to be extra meticulous with the cleaning upon departure so that no traces of the dogs are left behind. The dog is also not allowed to stay in the furniture or on blankets. If you’re not sure your dog won’t get up to mischief if left alone, don’t leave it in the cabin. It is sad to have to be responsible for unnecessary damage.

Of course, all of this was nothing new to you, but it never hurts to be reminded. If we help to look after ourselves and each other, the dog can also have a nice holiday. We hope you enjoy staying with us and that you have a pleasant holiday!

Wi-Fi Internet access is included for all our guests where there is a signal.