During the summer there is a lot of activity in the beautiful harbour of Kristianopel – sails flapping, boatmen shouting, motorboats chugs. Visitors strolling around or have settled down at the harbour’s well-visited café to have something to eat. Sit down in the rose circle, on the benches in front of the dock or why not on the pier and enjoy life and the view. The harbour, which is in the middle of the village, is full of life in the summer but still very quiet and convivial.

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GPS position: 56°15.30 N 16°2.48 E
Course card: 81 – Southern east coast and Öland
Archipelago card: 713
Harbour depth: 1.5-2.8 m
Number of guest places: 50 (70 buoys)
Mooring: Anchor/buoy
Service: Shop, Pharmacy, Mini-golf, Shower, Electricity, Fresh water, Restaurant, Tumble dryer, Washing machine, WC.

During the month of July, dancing with live music is arranged on Mondays in the harbour.



Port host: Kristianopel Turism
Phone: 0455-36 62 28

Weekdays: Monday – Friday
Phone: 0709-44 72 20

Weekends: Saturday – Sunday
Phone: 0709-44 72 55